About Us

What is to be understood here by the word "Us" in the heading of About Us goes beyond the traditional form - by choice.

Traditionally, ''Us'' here would refer to the two people who brought to reality the dream they had for this community website they call Splendour of Arran. The two dreamers of this ''Us'' are Gordon Davidson, who is a traveling artist with a home in Corrie, Arran, and his Project Partner Ali Abubakar, former owner of a Glasgow Art Gallery and Art Framing  business.

Two of a number of things Gordon and Ali have had in common for a very long time include their love for art and their love for Arran - with Ali's first visit to Arran going way back to the early '70s. 

Moreover, Gordon and Ali have also chosen ''Us'' rightly, to includes a group of significant faithful friends in Arran with  enough trust to join Splendour of Arran .Com right from the development stages of this Community website.

This has made it particularly convenient for ''Us'' to have to hand a typical group of this site users to consult with.

We, (''Us'') acknowledge our appreciation of such group of friends.